Stylish and Classy Ways To Get The Tomboy Style Right!

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4)    Blazers are a must-have

Dark colored blazers must be a part of your wardrobe in great variety. Try out the plain ones in black or grey, even royal blue is a great color.


Pair them up with your skinny jeans, the signature slouchy sweater and an un-tucked button down. And if you really want to get bold and pump up the glamour, try on a tuxedo with a monotone button down and shiny black pants. It will be the one fashion decision you will never regret in your entire life!

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5)    Play up the leather

Leather is very bold and masculine, and you can add it to your wardrobe in more ways than one. How about a leather satchel bag? Or perhaps, a briefcase?


Invest in open-toe leather wedges that are super trendy, and are perfect for the look you are trying to pull off.

6)    Oversized tees are essential

Oversized tee-shirts are the trendiest fashion staples you can sport. They give off such a cool vibe. Pair them up with shorts, denims or white skinnies, they’ll work wonders for your look.

7)    High-top Sneakers: Check!

You can’t live without these now, can you? Tomboyish trends are defined by high-top sneakers, and these are so versatile, they can work with nearly everything you wear.

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8)    Cuffed Skinnies are attention grabbers

Even if you’re a tomboy, don’t shy away from the skinnies. They may not fit in your whole comfort-is-my-fashion regime. But they are amazing to flaunt those toned legs; think about it!