DSTV Moved All Major EPL Matches To the Sh8,200 Premium Package. Kenyans in Uproar!



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The English Premier League began this weekend, yet it was an enormous dissatisfaction for DSTV customers who would have liked to get up to speed with their most beloved clubs on the Compact Plus bundle.

Live EPL matches have generally been broadcasted on Super Sport 3, solely accessible on Premium and Compact Plus bundles. Fundamentally, this was the channel where you’d discover Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and every single big game.

All that changed this Saturday, when all the best action was moved to Super Sport 5.

Picture this, Super Sport 5 is just accessible on the Premium bundle. As of this written work, the Premium bundle will set you back Sh8200 every month, while the Compact Plus bundle is going for Sh5550.

DSTV is however scheduling 6 live matches consistently for Compact Plus supporters, yet we’re supposed to comprehend that will be at most 2 EPL matches, such as ‘Hull City versus Leicester’, and afterward 4 matches from different leagues.

Allegedly, Kenyans have long felt that Multichoice has been a bad deal, and this most recent move will only add salt to the wound. It is fundamentally much less expensive to get a quick fiber connect with your home and stream the matches live.

We browsed some responses on Twitter, and underneath we have some of them.


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