Infamous Corporal Linda Okello Downgraded for Receiving Dirty Money!

Cop Linda Okello has supposedly been downgraded after she was allegedly caught with bribery cash on Saturday. The once renowned corporal was found amid a covert operation at Kirigiti range, Kiambu County.

By reports, two of her associates got away from the scene leaving Ms Okello who was found with Sh1,000 in her pocket. She was allegedly downgraded upon requests from Traffic Commandant Jacinta Muthoni, from being a corporal to a constable.

Identifying with the Star on Tuesday, Ms Jacinta Muthoni said she would not remark on the issue.

“I cannot comment on administrative issues. Who leaked the information? I will not comment; ask the higher authorities,” she said.

Linda rose to prominance and fame in 2014 after photographs of her in a tight and short skirt, while on patrol, became famous online on social networking.





















via Nairobi Wire